Welcome To Blueline Vitality!

Welcome to Blueline Vitality! This website was created to provide various wellness information and resources specifically for law enforcement or those helping officers. I have been spending the last 10 years working in the police setting and developing my expertise in law enforcement health and wellness.

I love being able to help officers improve their wellness as wells police departments improve and expand their officer health and wellness services. However, it doesn’t stop there! The more people that I can inspire to join in this vision of improve officer wellness, the more resources there will be available for LEO. Therefore I love assisting and mentoring health professionals and strength & conditioning coaches as they develop their expertise with this population.

The vision for Blueline Vitality is to provide resources to

  • officers
  • the families of officers
  • law enforcement agencies
  • health professionals
  • strength & conditioning coaches
  • and of course future law enforcement officers!

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Blueline Vitality - Becky Swan

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